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Greece is one magnificent sunny location that actually has more hidden beauties than tourists know about. Since you are here, come with us on the journey of discovering the beauty of one of the most popular Chania islands. In this article, we are going to introduce you to one of those magnificent hidden Greece pearls that is called Lazareta.

You will find the islet Lazareta located near the city of Chania, exactly in front of the Nea Chora beach, about 1200m away. This is a destination worth visiting not only because of its beauty. Even though you are going to be blown away by the majestic view of the island, and untouched natural sea beauty, you will also be amazed by the past of this island. If you are the type of person that loves a unique story, you will definitely like this one.

The history of the Lazareta island

The most interesting thing about this island is the historical story it comes with. In the 17th century, Lazaretta was used by the Venetians as the leprosarium Chania island. That is right, this was a location where Venetians built the quarantine place – their Lazaretto and they isolated a particular group of infected people. The name itself is taken after Lazarus who was the patron saint of lepers according to the Roman Catholic Church. There are many graves of patients identified at this location later. 

Despite that, there are still some building foundations that you can see on the lazaretto island that was destructed by the Turkish army in 1645 when they placed a large cannon in order to attack Chania’s stronghold at the mouth of the harbor. Tourists even have a chance to see metal fragments left from bombs that fell on the island during the Second World War.

One more historical attraction that tourists can see here is the shrine of Saint Nicholas built by one local in 1954. Therefore, if you are interested to find out more about this story, you can be free to visit the Church. 

In the 1950s, Lazarreta island was the starting point for swimmers who were participating in long-distance swimming activities. The finishing line was at the old harbor of Chania, in front of the Port Authority.

lazareta island

Now, this is the small sandy beach suitable for pleasure, swimming, and snorkeling. It is intended for tourists that come from all around the world to get in touch with the Lazaretta island authenticity. Also, most of all, this island represents a monument of the unique past. Therefore, if you are looking to visit some very unique destination that will provide you with both relaxation and intrigued history story, you should not look any further. 

Lazaretta Island beauty

You can visit this Greece pearl by boat. In fact, this is the only accessible transportation option. However, just because it is the only option you have, that doesn’t mean you will get disappointed. Some special moments are waiting for you while you are riding on the Aegean sea waves. There, you will see some of the most majestic landscapes you will ever see in your life. When you come to the beach, you will feel the small soft sand and see incredibly crystal clear turquoise water.

Here, you can completely get in touch with the calm sea paradise and enjoy every second of it. White rock formations will surround you and that will only enhance the overall beauty of this destination and your marine experience. The length of the island is 200m and the width 70m.

You also have the option to put on a mask and explore the beauty of marine life. But, we guess that will be interesting only to people that are truly big fans of water sports and swimming. Even if you haven’t ever tried to do something like that, this may be the right moment!

Final Thoughts

Experiencing marine life, and enjoying the beautiful sandy beaches and crystal blue water combined with the intrigued story is something that makes Lazaretta island one of the most unique travel destinations in Greece. While riding on the Aegean sea waves, you will be able to get panoramic views of the Old Venetial Harbor as well as the majestic lighthouse and walled fortress. Those are going to be pictures and stories that you will never forget. 

However, if you want to make your overall summer experience even more magnificent, you can decide to try some of the SUP activities in the area. Let’s be honest; most of you probably want to try some thrilling marine activity that will enhance the overall unforgettable summer experience. Sometimes the warm sun and blue sea are not enough. If you are interested to find more about the marine adventures you can participate in, check out our activities!

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